Principal's Message

Principal's Message

  • Guru Nanak Dev Sikh Academy has entered into 17 the years of its foundation. Let me tell that the world have much changed now. It has made a notable progress by leaps and bounds. The knowledge of the west contributed to the rapid development in all the fields of human life. The ancient people cherished their knowledge for their forthcoming generation and struggled too much to face the challenge in their life. The invention of wheel discovery of fire, paper, spinning –wheel. Steam engine metals and such other things brought revolutionary changes in the life of man. This was due to their quest for knowledge undoubtedly in the 18th and the 19th century the craze search for new things took rapid pace. Twentieth century recorded itself as an age of machines and man’s curiosity to search for mysteries sites of the world and the infinity sky. Man’s landing on the moon the 2 world wars fought and won by one block and last by the other.

    The emerging of the UNO on the efforts of the educated mass. People of the knowledge and educated mass standing for the cause of mankind and peace. In peace develops civilization and the world makes progress. Peaceful living in the motto of all human beings. Our great gurus and great saints always preached humanity, love, equality, justice, brotherhood and service to mankind. They preached, they practiced Godly values among people and through their missionary zeal; they emancipated millions of human beings and led them from darkness to light. Education is the chief defence of a nation. We are committed to carry on the mission of service to mankind. Children are the makers of the future global society.

    The onus of cherishing the rich Indian social values, its philanthropic message and making a prosperous and progressive India and a global family lies on the educational institutions. Teacher’s role in today’s world of science and technology has much changed. In the emerging scenario a teacher is facilitator and motivator rather than more provider of knowledge because in present global society knowledge providers are many.

    Variety of books, internet, newspapers, mobile phones, televisions etc, that are early accessible and availed at the touch of a button, Rate-learning is no longer a mark of intelligence.CDS and pen drives can stare a huge quantity of information and can reproduce it whenever required. The World Wide Web has transformed the whole world into a global village.

    The role of a teacher today has become multi dimensional. His role is to learn about student’s interests, planning of students, encouraging them to improve, calling for students-parents meeting and discussing with them about the student’s performance. Our discipline motivating students to do better, Thus teachers are the most important agents of change. They should have a good global outlook and they should be creative in their methods of teaching and encourage interaction among students and between teacher and the student .The aim of the teacher should be to make class interesting and lively. Empowered teachers in all students recognize that they have the power to identity problems, institute change efforts and ultimately, to take responsibility for solving the problem. A good teacher has qualities of head & heart .He should be creative and relate his subject today to day life. He should have potential to explore the talent of the children and inspire them all well as instill manners, etiquette and discipline. The CCE system launched by the CBSE which focuses on holistic development of the child is a parading shift from examination to effective pedagogy. Learning is a dynamic process, to the proem of education should also be equally dynamic. The assessment is made throughout the session learning takes place in a relaxed and joyful manner. This CCE system would help in identifying talent, proficiency in sports, music, art, public speaking, etc.

    Mr. Pooran Singh Karki